National Physicians Support & Billing, LLC helps health care run smoothly
National Physicians Support & Billing, LLC helps health care run smoothly
Cost-Effective Medical Records Management & Claims Processing
Cost-Effective Medical Records Management & Claims Processing 

Innovative Insurance Verification & Records Management

Make National Physicians Support & Billing, LLC, your source for insurance verification and records management. Discover what we can do for you by calling us today.

Eligibility Insurance Verification

Insurance verification is a vital issue. Information needs to be verified in an efficient and accurate manner. It’s important that the provider verify the member's eligibility each time services are provided. The benefits of obtaining insurance verification prior to the patient's arrival include:


  • Reduce claim denials due to invalid patient information
  • Ensure faster registration & enable pre-registration
  • Obtain patient's co-pay, coinsurance, & deductible information
  • Obtain prior authorizations
  • Verify which medical services are covered

Real-Time Insurance Verification

Having access to real-time benefits verification can save your staff from lengthy phone conversations with insurance companies. You can save your office time and money by subscribing to a real-time insurance verification vendor. This will limit the amount of denials you receive due to:


  • Coordination of required benefits information
  • Required referrals & prior authorization
  • Incorrect or invalid subscriber number
  • Missing or invalid group number

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